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The Property Insurance on your Restaurant Insurance Policy can insure the buildings that you own and/or business property and inventory against physical loss or damage. Even if you don't own your building, you'll still need to insure the contents.

Your restaurant, bar, coffeeshop, or deli requires business personal property / contents insurance to provide coverage for furniture, fixtures, merchandise, materials, and all other personal property owned by you and used in your business. You may insure those items for replacement cost or for actual cashvalue (ACV), which covers and pays for only depreciated value of the property.

Property buildings' contents & tenant improvements are available coverage options for hospitality companies and owners.  Property & contents insurance will pay for direct physical loss of damage, and cover unattached physical items such as tables, chairs, inventory, and other components located at the insured's premises, when the cause is due to or results from any covered causes of loss, such as fire, windstorm, theft etc. Property & tenant improvement insurance will pay for direct physical loss or damage to attached physical property which was originally paid for by the tenant, and which was covered by this type of insurance.

We have twenty years experience in the food service insurance industry. RSI-Insurance can help package coverage specifically for each client, while offering the most competitive Terms and Conditions of Coverage available.

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