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RSI Insurance New York City and New Jersey

The hospitality industry is important to the livelihood of many people. When you choose to operate an establishment in this industry, you will need to find the right hospitality insurance to protect you, your business, your patrons and your employees. RSI Insurance is a specialized insurance company that has been serving the New Jersey and New York areas for more than 20 years to provide restaurant insurance, nightclub insurance, bar and tavern insurance and more.

Restaurants Insurance New York City and New Jersey

Restaurants require a long list of insurance types to ensure you are completely covered, no matter what takes place in your restaurant. Whether you need restaurant insurance in NYC or restaurant insurance in NJ, we will work with you to ensure you are meeting your state’s requirements for restaurant insurance coverage. There are so many types of insurance, it is our goal to ensure you have just the right ones to meet your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

Liquor Insurance New York City and New Jersey

Once you add liquor to the mix, you move your restaurant, bar, tavern, nightclub or other establishment into a new risk category. This means you will need various types of liquor insurance to even further protect your business from problems related to alcohol use, including restaurant assault & battery coverage. This insurance protects you against the fights that are inevitable when liquor is involved. However, liquor liability is just part of the insurance you will need when it comes to insurance for nightclubs. If you are planning to open one of these or any other alcohol-serving establishments, you can count on us to let you know exactly what you need.